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Roberta Peabody
My Story: Born in Massachusetts, youngest of four children. Put my faith in Christ at age 15, and hoped to be a social worker, after college came to Japan for just a summer mission, and God redirected me to be a missionary in Japan.
Family: Just Me!
Ministry Focus: Serving with TEAM Japan since 1991. For many years served in Christian publishing and church work, but since 2011 in Japanese Returnee Ministry.
The People: Japanese often go overseas and are 70% more likely to embrace the Christian faith, while away from their home country! Coming back they face the hurdles of a non-Christian culture and their own identity. Nearly 80% become discouraged and abandon their newfound faith upon return home. Careful strategic follow-up is needed for them to be salt & light in their home country.
Primary Prayer Request: I cooperate with Japan Christian Fellowship Network, Returnees in Kanagawa. I attend Musashino Chapel Center in Kichijoji. Please pray the Lord will guide me how to minister in a ministry that is largely grassroots– that I can know how best to connect and follow-up returnees.

Roberta Peabody
1-13-2-B Shinhou-cho, Higashi Kurume City Tokyo 203-0002
phone, blog and facebook info available upon request

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1-13-2-B Shinhou-cho, Higashi Kurume City Tokyo 203-0002
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