Portland, OR

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Beaverton–Gotenba, Shizuoka Prefecture Bend–Fujoka, Gunma Prefecture Brookings–Mitsukaido, Ibaraki Prefecture Canby–Kurisawa, Hokkaido Coos Bay–Choshi, Chiba Prefecture Eugene–Kakegawa, Shizuoka Prefecture Forest…

Epworth United Methodist Church 1333 S.E. 28th Ave., Portland, OR 97214-2937 ディーン 山本牧師 Rev. Dean Yamamoto

日本めぐみ聖書教会 Japanese Grace Bible Church 11375 S. W. Walker Rd Portland OR 97225-4463 名嘉博光牧師 Rev. Naka Hiromitsu (503)520-1140 Fax (503)693-8484

The relationship between Japan and the states of Oregon and Idaho continues to be a broad and favorable one, based on mutual exchanges in the fields of political, economic and cultural benefit. It is our goal to continue, support and develop this…

Portland Staff Andy and Jooae Peloquin [email protected] Andy and Jooae work alongside with Friends of Overseas Citizens and University Students (FOCUS), a multi-organizational ministry group, on the campus of Portland State University and with…