First Level is the Gospel story in 5 topics. The loving relationship with the Creator – initiated, broken and restored – is emphasized throughout the material.

This material is for you to work through with your Japanese friends as a means to introduce them to their loving creator who created them with a purpose – relationship with HIM!
The material is available in Japanese and English and includes written and video components to introduce the topics:

  • Can God be known?
  • What are humans?
  • What is sin?
  • What is the cross of Christ?
  • What is salvation?

For each of these topics, you then journey through the discussion topics with your friend as they process the key truths of the Bible that lead to a restored relationship with the Lord.

First Level was written from a Japanese perspective, and this English version is a translation of what is in the Japanese version. Rather than reworking ideas in such a way as to make this material clear to English speakers, we have decided to merely translate the ideas so that you will know what the Japanese readers are seeing. We have included some cultural notes occasionally within the English text only, which are contained in parentheses and marked as “Translation Note:”.

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