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ビクトリア日系人教会は、カナダのビクトリアにあるただ一つの日系人キリスト教会(プロテスタント)です。 毎週日曜日 午後1時30分~ ダウンタウンのFirst Baptist Church(877 North Park St.)で礼拝を守っています。午後3時30分~ 無料のESLも行っています。

A Worship Video

A Worship Video

Araki, Izumi graduated from Regent College in 2007 and continues her study/writing on Nitobe Garden in UBC as well as currently working on the research on Japanese and Anne of Green Gables. She has been involved in reaching out to Japanese in…

My name is Kevin Ueta and I’ve been serving as the Student Ministries Pastor at the Japanese Gospel Church of Toronto since 2007. I’ve been married to my wife, Michelle, since 2007 as well and we have a 17-month-old daughter, Kiyomi Lia.…