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日本ホープマウンテンファミリー教会 (JHMFC)は南部バプテスト連盟 (Southern Baptist Convention)に加盟する正統派のプロテスタント教会です。 2009年にコロラド州デンバーメトロで始まった新しい日本語教会です。どなたでもどうぞお気軽にお越し下さい。 Japanese Hope Mountain Family Church (JHMFC) is a Protestant Church that belongs to Southern Baptist…

Web Site The Japan America Society of Colorado promotes mutual understanding between the people of Japan and Colorado at a grass roots level: By serving as an important resource in Colorado for all things relating to Japan; and By providing…

Aspen–Shimukappu, Hokkaido Boulder–Yamagata, Yamagata Prefecture Broomfield–Ueda, Nagano Canon City–Kahoku, Yamagata Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi Longmont–Chino, Nagano Prefecture

Nate Mirza has ministered with international students for many years. He led a seminar at the International RJC Conference in 2014. What Returnees Need Before Returning