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Business: Hino Motors Manufacturing in Farmington Hills. Toyota-Technical Center near Milan. Nissan has technical center in Farminton Hills Nearly 700 Japanese facilities in Michigan and Ohio.. Nearly 9000 Japanese citizens live in Michigan.

Steve Smith’s ministry with Friendship International in Ann Arbor. ISI ministry in Ann Arbor Web Site Doug & Kathi Sawyer, Paul & Ginny Champoux

Ann Arbor, Sister City with Hikone, Shiga Wyandotee, Sister city with Komaki, Aichi DeWitt, sister city with Konan, Shiga Marshall, sister city with Koka, Shiga Petoskey, sister city with Makino, Shiga or Takashima Adrian, sister city with…

General: Over 3,000 Japanese in St. Louis. Many are students. Famous Japanese Ballet Dancer, Gen Horiuchi. Yoshi has core group of Japanese Christians (Info by Dr. Mark Carpenter, Bayless Baptist Church). This report given by Pastor Ubukata:…